Office Design

We have consciously avoided developing an “in-house” office design style and instead concentrate on developing an understanding of a Client’s specific requirements.

By engaging you in a collaborative process, we are able to create a world-class workplace appropriate to your company’s individual office design requirements and budget.

Our office designers offer consultation and guidance on every aspect of a building’s interior and have expertise in all market sectors, from blue-chip organisations to charities. Good design in the workplace can elevate morale and improve productivity, promote the image and help reinforce a corporate identity. It can help to attract and retain a higher quality workforce.

All Maris office fit-outs are expertly managed by qualified and dedicated construction managers who ensure critical deadlines are always met, quality standards are adhered to and the end result delivered to our Client’s expectations.

Partnering with the right company to undertake an office fit-out is a major decision and it is vitally important to choose the carefully.

With the right fit-out partner in place the project should improve operational efficiency, increase profits, enhance your corporate image and improve your chances of attracting and retaining key personnel – enough reasons for anyone to justify spending a little more time on the selection process!

Whatever your office fit-out requirements we would be delighted to help.

More and more companies are beginning to realise that, in order to be more successful, the role that the workplace plays for them has got to change.

Most companies are unaware of the huge cost savings and other benefits of workplace optimisation and are missing out. Generally, it will be the need to refurbish or relocate offices that act as the catalyst to consider workplace optimisation.

If workplace optimisation is approached correctly it should be exciting and rewarding. The prospect of creating a workplace that can save your company money on real estate costs and also boosts business performance, attracts and retains the best staff and is seen as the envy of your competition is exhilarating.